Travel Tips for the USA| When You Travel To The US

Walk the Golden Gate in San Fran. Do Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. Ride the Cable Car. Don’t be put off by the long queue as it goes down pretty quick.

If you can’t afford to fly between cities then take a train if you can. I hate the Greyhound buses in the U.S. The ones in Mexico and Sth America leave there’s for dead. They are old, dirty and the seats recline about 2inches. The security for getting on board is ridiculous and time consuming and annoying, to say the least. A cheap domestic airline is Southwest. Catch a shuttle into San Fran. From the airport, no need to book, and the cheapest way into the center.

Go right and then to the very end of the terminal. There you will find a bus to catch into the center of the city. Tacoma Airport is some distance from the center and the bus will drop you off at the closest point to your accommodation.

If you have time then get out into the lesser know places as I have. Williamstown in Massachusetts and Montana. Both places I will go again. For information on other places then check out Lonely Planet. Later this year I will be going to Salt Lake City.

Be sure to go to other places on the West Coast like Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, Museum of Flight in Seattle, Pikes Fish Market, Seattle.

Cheap Shopping

I like visiting the US. Los Angeles is a favorite as is New York. One can’t say much about traveling here because it’s so easy. There are buses and the metro in all your cities that are simple to work out.

If you are static not too far from LAX like I do, you will be 2-2 ½ hrs from Hollywood, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland and the center of L.A. No matter as the public transport system is good.

Venus beach

Hit Venus beach for some cheap shopping and fun at Santa Monica Pier. Don’t forget all the Hollywood tours but best of all for me was Universal Studios. If you want to Six Flags then be prepared for a long day. It’s way north of L.A.

If you go here then make an effort to go to Santa Cruz. It’s a small student town about 2hrs by bus south of San Fran.

SEATTLE is the home of Starbucks. Microsft and Amazon started here too. Seattle is one of the main ports for boarding to do a cruise up to Alaska so you can go and see some huge cruise liners berthed at the port.

On my second trip to Seattle, I went here and spent 4 hrs. You can easily spend more time than that.

There is a lot of flat lands in Montana and a lot of not flat land. Actually, the contrast is so different. I stayed in a small town of about 250 people and went to the Radon Mines in Basin. I caught a ride on Calgary in Canada to see my great aunty again as I did last year.(more under Canada)

New York – I do love the Big Apple too. Plenty of places close to get a coffee! I went to Ground Zero again and took another batch of photos as I did last year. (stolen camera – don’t have those anymore). You will find guys on the street selling the bus and Liberty tours and they are cheap and worth doing.

From New York

I went to Williamstown in Massachusetts. You wouldn’t also own there was a University here, let alone a great Art Museum. WHY, well there are so many high trees you can see the town until you are in it. I relaxed here for a few days with Mark which I needed to do as I was still suffering from the rollercoaster ride way back in Santa Cruz!

If you go there with the intention of seeing an Oprah show and you have not booked at least 6months in advance then you will be out of luck. Don’t worry there is always the Sears Tower which is 9th highest in the world. (3 of the highest are still under construction) And go to Macy’s. I do love shopping here. It has lots of computers which you can print off, full-time tourist help desk and you can sign up to go to something every night. One night I did a picnic in the park and watched a movie there on a huge screen. Lots of locals came with their children and it costs nothing, only what you buy for dinner. There is a good walkway down along the lakefront. Metro is easy to work out and you can take it to the airport.…